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We sell all major cigarette brands (Camel, Pall Mall, Marlboro, American Spirit, and Newport) with some of the cheapest prices you will find in the Triad! We accept all major cigarette coupons and have special carton prices as well! Humidor cigars, e-cigs and nicotine disposables, tobacco pipes, tobacco accessories, vaporizers, clothing, jewelry, unique gifts, crafts, and MORE- you will find it all at Shay’s!  We have the largest selection of Delta products including Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-A, HHC and more!  We follow laws and trends closely to bring you the best products you are looking for!  Our newest addition is Amanita Muscaria mushroom products!  We support local as much as we can, 90% of our glass tobacco pipes are made locally between North Carolina and Virginia, and we do consignment on local handmade jewelry and clothing!

We have one of the largest selections of rolling papers, cigar wraps, cigarillos and hemp wraps you will find in the Triad! Whether you are looking to roll a traditional cigar in a flavored tobacco wrap or want a smoother tobacco-free experience we have you covered! Blazy Susan, Elements, DLX, Juicy Jay’s, High Hemp, Game, White owl, HD, 4 Kings, King Palm, Shine 24K Gold, Bob Marley, Bambu, and of course RAW are some of our in-house favorites! We have a RAW selection like you have never seen! If RAW makes it, we have it; organic, classic, all sizes of papers and cones, tips, tins, even clothing and all novelty items!  Check out or blog to see some of our previous RAW display contest winners!

We have a HUGE selection of Kratom & CBD/DELTA/Hemp products for your alternative and natural supplementation!  We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and educated staff, all of our products have gone thru rigorous check lists and 3rd party lab testing before they make it to the shelf of Smokey Shay’s!  Some of our best-selling name brands are: O.P.M.S., XXX, Remarkable Herbs, Club 13, South Sea Ventures and MIT45 as well as Earth Kratom.  Our best-selling CBD/DELTA/Hemp brands are Concentrated Concepts, Alternative Health, Canna Aid, Deltiva, STNR, TORCH, Tre House, Uplift, Pinnacle/RIFT, Peak Flower, Delta Munchies, and Dazed!

Store Locations


We are centrally located on Burke Street downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Visit us between bar hopping at Burke St Pub, Old Winston Social Club, Gatzby’s and Vintage Sofa Bar! (est. April 2011)


We are conveniently located minutes from UNCG on Spring Garden St. in Greensboro, NC. Directly across from the famous Hops Burger Bar (est. June 2013)

High Point

We are located in the heart of High Point, 5 minutes from the HPU campus, next door to Saki Sushi and across the street from the Planet Fitness shopping center! (est. Aug 2019)

Interest-Free Layaway

We have an interest-free layaway plan that includes sale items. If you see something you like, you can secure your item by making payments. Once all payments are complete, it’s yours to keep. Layaway only requires 10% down and 10% payments every week! See cashier for more details on layaway payments or to secure an item today!

(Please note a payment must be made once every 10 days in order to continue with an active layaway. Smokey Shays reserves the right to cancel layaway without refund if purchaser defaults on payment)

Loyalty Card Program

We have a very competitive loyalty card program on top of our already LOW everyday prices!  Grab a loyalty card today… EVERY $10 purchase before tax gets you a punch on the card, after you fill it up it entitles you to 15% OFF almost anything!  YES, our loyalty card includes: CBD/Hemp/DELTAS, Kratom, Shisha, E-liquid, Humidor Cigars and of course all of our regularly priced merchandise like pipes, waterpipes, grinders, vaporizers, clothing, and gift items!  Sorry, loyalty card does NOT include: Cigarettes and papers, rillos and wraps, sale or discount items, food & drink, beer, or lottery!

ID Scanner & Perks

We ID ALL customers regardless of visual age.  Please be prepared with a VALID (non-expired) ID or PASSPORT with photo.  We utilize an ID scanner that counts your visits.  You will receive a 20% OFF COUPON on your 20th visit, and a FREE spin of the PRIZE WHEEL on your 50th visit.  Please also visit us on your BIRTHDAY to spin the PRIZE WHEEL (No purchase necessary!)

DISCLAIMER: Smokey Shay’s does not condone or encourage the use of illegal products:  You will be asked to leave if you mention any illegal substances including but not limited to: marijuana, weed, bongs, rigs, or drugs. ALL ITEMS ARE FOR USE WITH TOBACCO, TOBACCO OILS, LEGAL SMOKING HERBS, NICOTINE LIQUID, NC LEGAL HEMP FLOWER OR CBD AND DELTA PRODUCTS, for users 18+ years of age.