We carry some of the top name brand glass in the industry. Here at Smokey Shays, you can purchase top shelf glass like Illadelph, Roor, Grav Labs, Pulsar, Renegade, Randy’s and MORE! We also carry local glass made from people within North Carolina and surrounding states! Prices range from $10 dollars to several thousand!! We have expanded our glass from everyday pieces to gallery art.  We have one of the largest heady galleries in North Carolina, come check out some of the amazing pieces from our favorite local artists!  Some artists you will find in our gallery: Dawnk, Andy G Glass, Blitzkriega, Piratt, BWC Glass, Boss Tubes, Phat Ass Glass, Anthony Charles, 710 Sci Glass, Devon Baxter, I Love Frank Glass, Shayla Windstar, Shane Smith, PST Glass, PKG Glass, Logi Glass Art, HaHa Glass, Snoop Glass, Joey Malaquias, Dani Girl Glass, Matt Tyer and MORE!  Visit our IG or hit us up via IG for the freshest Heady Drops! We guarantee you wont find a knock off piece in Smokey Shay’s, we are authorized dealers of all the brand names you see above! We also have one of the best UV displays of glass in NC- come see glass that GLOWS!

Our NEWEST High Point location has a glassblowing studio on site with a customer viewing WINDOW!  Come visit and see some local artists working on their glass art!  Our current in-house blowers are @bradderpooglass and @bdunnglass… Check our IG or FB for live feeds of them working in the studio!

Glass Water Pipes

Most of our waterpipes are made in the USA however we do carry some affordable glass lines that are made outside of the USA.  We take pride in finding only import companies that quality control, label, and package inside of the USA.  Although they are technically import pipes, we will only carry the best of the best for our affordable section. You can be sure that waterpipes bought at Smokey Shay’s have been fully checked over upon arrival, and only the pristine pieces go out for sale! Feel free to ask a sales associate to put some distilled H2O in any waterpipe so you can do a test of the function before making the choice to purchase! Below are some photos of glass you might find on the shelf! The stock is every changing and growing!

Glass Tobacco Pipes

Smokey Shay’s PROUDLY carries hand pipes made by local glass blowers from North Carolina and Virginia, and a few west coast blowers too! We pride ourselves on carrying ONLY local and USA made glass handpipes, you will find no import handpipes here! Our handpipe selection is ever changing, and we receive new glass almost weekly! Photos below are just a taste of things you might find! Some of our favorite glass comes from Asheville, NC! We work directly with many blowers and distributors to bring the finest pipes to our cases! Some of our favorites come from Glassex, Dawnk, Nastee, Hoyez, Joint Forces, Glassical Creations, Limitless Glass-works, Pirate Glass-works, Sayain Glass, Jerome Baker, Sherm, Aric Bovi, Slinger, Devon Baxter, ILOVEFRANK Glass, Scott Clark, Pete Rock, Fatboy Glass, Piratt, Ty Watts, and the list keeps growing

Tobacco Oil Concentrate Pipes

Tobacco oil concentrate pipes are traditionally used with a nail and torch, banger, or an electronic nail! We carry many options for using your concentrate pipes; ceramic, quartz, and titanium are used as a nail, or dome less nail to vaporize tobacco concentrates. We also carry electronic nails, torches, butane, blast tubes, rosin presses, alcohol extraction machines and a variety of non-stick storage options. Get on board with your tobacco concentrate game! We guarantee we have all the new toys for your concentrate needs; nectar collectors, bangers, carb cabs, terp pearls and more! We proudly carry: Highly Educated, D-Nail, Cosmic Nail, Eerl Gear, NoGoo, STok, Newport, Colibri, Vector, Puretane, and MORE! The choices are really endless when it comes to dab wax, concetrates, and oils. We have every style you could need from standard bangers, 4mm thick, flat tops, cup inserts, and the highly sought after thermal bangers! We carry affordable options as well as high end options for every need! Some of our in house favories are the Hoyez and Nastee bangers that are made right here in North Carolina! We also carry a custom Smokapelli branded Evan Shore titty banger! We have thermal shock tested a sample of every banger we carry- and can assure you that they are pure quartz!! Talk with a sales associate today to find out how you can enhance your tobacco concentrate experience by making your own. We can educate you on how to properly extract using a Butane, Alcohol, or Heat Press rosin method, and we have affordable and connoisseur products for any customer!