Glass Tobacco Pipes

Smokey Shay’s PROUDLY carries hand pipes made by local glass blowers from North Carolina and Virginia, and a few west coast blowers too!  We pride ourselves on carrying only local and USA made glass art, you will find no import pipes here!  Our handpipe selection is ever changing, and we receive new glass almost weekly!  Photos below are just a taste of things you might find!  Some of our favorite glass comes from Asheville, NC!  We work directly with many blowers and distributors to bring the finest pipes to our cases!  Some of our favorites come from Glassex, Dawnk, Nastee, Hoyez, Joint Forces, Glassical Creations, Limitless Glass-works, Pirate Glass-works, Sayain Glass, Jerome Baker, Sherm,  Aric Bovi, Slinger, Devon Baxter, ILOVEFRANK Glass, Scott Clark, Pete Rock, Fatboy Glass, Piratt, Ty Watts, and the list keeps growing