Glass Water Pipes

Smokey Shay’s PROUDLY carries ROOR, ILLADELPH, MEDICALLI, PHAT TUBZ, BURNER, BWC, PULSAR, GRAV LABS, G13, RENEGADE, as well as tubes made by local glass blowers!

We are authorized dealers of the brand names above, here at Smokey Shay’s we guarantee you won’t find any knock-off water tubes!

Most of our watertubes are made in the USA; we do carry some affordable glass lines that are made outside of the USA, however quality control, labeling, and packaging is done inside of the USA.  Although they are technically import pipes, we will only carry the best of the best for our affordable section.  You can be sure that waterpipes bought at Smokey Shay’s have been fully checked over upon arrival, and only the pristine pieces go out for sale!  Feel free to ask a sales associate to put some distilled H2O in any waterpipe so you can do a test of the function before making the choice to purchase!  Below are some photos of glass you might find on the shelf!  The stock is every changing and growing!

We Carry The Best Glass

ROOR Glass


Phat Tubz

Burner Glassworks