Tobacco Oil Concentrate Pipes

Tobacco oil concentrate pipes are used with a nail and torch, or an electronic nail!  We carry many options for using your concentrate pipes; ceramic, quartz, and titanium are used as a nail, or dome less nail to vaporize tobacco concentrates.  We also carry electronic nails, torches, butane, blast tubes, rosin presses, and a variety of non-stick storage options.  Get on board with your tobacco concentrate game!  We guarantee we have all the new toys for your concentrate needs; bangers, buckets, halos, dropdowns, and swing arms!  We proudly carry: Highly Educated, D-Nail, Cosmic Nail, Eerl Gear, NoGoo, STok, Newport, Colibri, Vector, Puretane, and MORE!  The choices are really endless when it comes to dab wax, concetrates, and oils.  We have every style you could need from standard bangers, side pocket, 4mm thick, grails, troughs, and the highly sought after thermal bangers!  We carry affordable options as well as high end options for every need!  Some of our in house favories are the Hoyez and Nastee bangers that are made right here in North Carolina!  We have thermal shock tested a sample of every banger we carry- and can assure you that they are pure quartz!!  Talk with a sales associate today to find out how you can enhance your tobacco concentrate experience by making your own.  We can educate you on how to properly extract using a Butane, Alcohol, or Heat Press method, and we have affordable and connoisseur products for any customer!


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