Thank you for your interest in working with us at Smokey Shay’s!  All applicants must be over 21 years old with no felonies in the last 4 years, no misdemeanors in the last 2!

If the above qualifies you, please fill out the application below to be entered into our next interview pool when a position becomes available!  Make sure to note at the end of your application which/all locations you are interested in working at!

Basic job description: Sales associates must be 420/710 knowledgeable or interested and willing to become experts on all merchandise sold at Smokey Shay’s.  Team player with adaptability to work alone or with a small crew.  Effectively communicate with team members as well as customers or vendors.  Able to lift 20-30lbs short distances and stand for 5-7hr shifts in a fast paced environment.  Employees are responsible for making sales, receiving and entering inventory, merchandising, stocking, and light janitorial.  Register/cash handling experience preferred but not required.  Must have reliable transportation and a working cell phone.  New hires must have nights/weekend availability as day time shifts are given by seniority.  Late night weekend shifts are until 2am and all new hires are required to start out with at minimum 2-3 late night shifts per month.  Plenty of growth opportunities for the right candidates once the basic job descriptions are mastered, including but not limited to: ordering responsibilities, inventory management, WordPress website product management, social media content creation, and expert retail organization.

Benefits: Basic positions start at $8/hr for training and $10/hr after the first 12 training shifts are completed.  Most employees can expect $11+ by 90d and we give fast and competitive raises beyond that based on product knowledge, work ethic, speed of mastering inventory procedures, ability to take on individual responsibilities, and availability/reliability!  Benefits include: hefty employee discount, daily snack stipend, paid vacation/sick leave/bereavement accrual, 401k with company match up to 3.5%, health/dental/vision insurance options with 50-100% employer contribution based on years of tenure (options available to any employee after 90 days who works 30+hrs/week), in house dollar accrual system, weekly tip jar splits, commission opportunities, bonus opportunities, monthly staff incentive games, free gym membership, first dibs on all free samples and new release merchandise, as well as direct deposit every Friday!

Apply to join one of our teams today (be sure to note at the end of your application which/all locations willing to work!)

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