One of the best smoke shops around!  Staff is very knowledgeable and they have a huge selection of cbd, vapes, glass…you name it!  Store is always getting new products in so I’m always going back!!!  -Gretchen S.

 Amazing Headshop!  Best in NC!!  Great staff and owners, as well as super cheap prices!  Can’t go wrong at Smokey Shays!  -Tyler M.

 I’ve been going here for years, the deals and the rewards card is awesome. the staff is very knowledgeable, best heady and local glass around -Brittany D.

They have a great store and are very nice and polite and caring about their customer’s… whenever I go there it doesn’t matter how I am feeling, and in my wheelchair, they make me laugh and smile… they are the best! -Nancy B.

 Clean store, nice, helpful employees!  I love the incense 😍 I’ve been coming here since 2012 at the old location! -Majoyree S.

 Came in there late last night in a pinch and Erica immediately found me what I was looking for, for the best deal.  I left skeptical but was immediately very satisfied. Preciate y’all! -Tony A.

 Me and my boyfriend bought a few grab bags for the 710 holiday.  We ended up with over $300 worth of stuff, and the cashier was super nice and helpful -Brittany W.

 Q was an amazing help and gave me an overall positive experience shopping!  Thanks! -Beth W.

  LOVE this shop!  We travel from Virginia once a month to come here.  They sell the highest quality kratom that I’ve ever seen in a smoke shop at the best prices!  Great customer service too!  Very informative and highly recommend! -Destiny S.

 Smokey Shay’s is ALWAYS my go to!  Very knowledgeable staff when you need help with choosing the right items to buy for pieces, or when you want to try a different brand- they know which brand to sell you.  I went in tonight looking for a rig or water pipe and I actually was educated about the different things to look for in rigs and the other items needed for concentrates, honey etc.  I appreciate what those guys do; instead of just trying to sell you anything to make a sale for the store, they help customers out by educating you a bit so the next visit might be easier for you. ✌🏽 -Miyisha B.

 This place is one of the best around with great customer service!  They have a wide selection of products for all kinds of people who are looking for great products at a competitive pricing…. If you’re in the area definitely stop in if you have couple minutes to spare -Henal P.

 Probably the best local shop I have been in recently!  Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and it’s a place where I never feel rushed to purchase. They have a great selection and can definitely have my business. -Tony R.

My boyfriend and I just went to Smokey Shay’s and Chris was very patient with helping us pick out a piece!  Very good customer service! -Kaitlyn W.

 Customer service is amazing!  They have everything you need. I Love it!!  I drive 25 miles to get there, because it’s worth it! -Kat S.

 Super nice and helpful employees! Always something on sale!  Love that they stock local vendors for merchandise.  Shop local! 😎 -Kimberly M.

 They are very nice people, and very, very intuitive and helpful.  When you go, ask for “Mark” (he is the shortest one there he said lol) He was very respectful and had manners, he will take his time with you and EXPLAIN anything you need to ask, or want to know about! -Darlene L.

 My absolute favorite place!  They have any smoking device you can possibly think of and then some!  They also carry apparel and CBD is available!  This place is fantastic, I tell all of my friends who are smokers to come here.  They have cards for every $10 you spend and when you get 20 stamps you get anywhere from 15 to 20% off depending on which card you have- it’s awesome and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.  If you need help with anything they will help you, you just have to ask!  I will continuously return because of the knowledge and the friendly staff, and the products.  The building is bright and inviting. Zack has helped me a lot in picking out items and already knows what I’m coming to look for!  They learn their returning customers! -Jaymee F.

I’ve gone to Smokey Shay’s since they opened. I know and respect the hard working owners. In the last 2 years, I’ve noticed how well they’ve done hiring their knowledgeable, friendly and respectful staff. I’d say I’m a semi regular customer & always will be! -Beth J.

 BAM is the man!  When Bam (Alex) is working, that store’s energy is completely transformed!  He and the other young guy are so fun to talk with.  They are both very helpful, knowledgeable, and it’s clear they pay attention to both customers and the industry itself.  I am so, so, so happy that these two guys work there now, because it’s close to where I live!  The store has a fantastic selection with a wide variety of products, pieces, parts, pipes, CBD, hemp flower, anything related to vaping or smoking, they have it!  Their Kratom and Juul prices aren’t very high; I think that’s a good thing with those two products!  The store in Winston-Salem has the BEST selection I have ever seen in the state of North Carolina, hands down!  Bam & the guy with cute braids are some of the best, most attentive, intelligent, compassionate and competent employees I have EVER experienced in the many headshops I visit for my own job.  That is no easy feat.  I work at a smoke & Vape shop and I wish we had the layout and lines they have.  Smokey Shay’s, if you are ever hiring, holler! -f4rt

 This is one of my FAVORITE places in Winston. The products they sell are seriously helpful for my anxiety and leg cramps.  Being that I am allergic to CORN SYRUP, I have no worries when shopping for something that’s right for me at Smokey Shay’s 🌹🌼💖💮🌺🌸🌻 -Carla W.

Shay’s is a fantastic tobacco shop. They have everything from glass to hemp products, vape stuff and more.  They have an amazing gallery.  The heady gallery is phenomenal!  They use artists from all around, including a few locals.  I love the colors and all the different creatures.  The staff is super friendly and helpful.  Shay has sales all the time that are great!  They also have $5 grab bags and amazing discounts on 4/20 and 7/10 -Taylor S.

 Best smoke shop in town!  Smokey Shay’s carries everything you could possibly need and more.  Staff here are always jumping at the opportunity to help customers as soon as they step through the door.  I’ve never had a bad experience here, and I have always found whatever solution I was searching for at a modest price! -Stephan C.

Awesome place, awesome people, great selection for everything!  Almost all American made glass.  You can find anything you need here plus more.  I always end up walking out with more than I planned on buying.  So much cool stuff! -Daniel B.

 Whether it be the amazingly diverse selection of merchandise, or the high energy and super knowledgeable customer service staff, no part of your experience here will be less than stellar!  They have everything you could imagine and more, and the employees are more than happy to explain any products and answer all your questions very thoroughly!  All around a very clutch environment, and I will definitely be tucking back in here very regularly! 😀 -Zach G.

 Easiest smoke shop in all of Greensboro!  Smokey Shay’s completely blows their competition out of the water with all of the selections offered for glass pieces. Currently happy with my many purchases, and definitely will continue to purchase any glass, hookah tobacco, or necessary needs from this business.  The staff is super rad too! -Tequan B.

 My absolute favorite smoke shop ever, especially after the move and expansion!! Wonderfully spacious aisles, very detail oriented and educated staff, and NOT pushy even at 10 minutes to closing WITH a line of cigarette customers!!!  WONDERFUL local artistry supplied and very nicely laid out for viewing.  I NEVER purchase smoking supplies ANYWHERE ELSE!!! -Suzette D.

Usually to go to Smokey Shay’s for all my hookah needs, and they have since upgraded buildings which is much larger then the previous building!  They offer many hookah items that you typically can only find online! -Mike W.

 Love this shop, I won’t go anywhere else!  I am a hippie and this shop is run by family for sure, always feel welcome and feels like home when I come here!  They recently expanded but I haven’t gotten a chance to check It out! 😉  I can’t wait to return every time. Also ladies- check out their clothing they have really cute skirts! 😉 -Jill H.

 Great prices, awesome products, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  They have reward cards… for every $10 you spend you get a punch on your card.  They also have layaway! -Brittany D.

 My mom had been wanting to try out CBD lotions and salves for her sciatica issue and arthritis.  She was a tad skittish about going to a smoke shop, so I took her.  The staff working on Mon 7/8 immediately put her at ease with their product knowledge, their friendly attitudes and professional efficiency.  The staff explained the benefits of CBD topicals and discussed the different brands, strengths, and differences between a lotion vs a salve.  They had a small packet of Charlotte’s Web lotion my mom purchased to try out and even gave us a heads up that they’d be having a 20% off all CBD products sale in a few days.  My mom tried the sample packet out that evening and said not only did her hip, thigh and buttock area no longer ache within at most 5 minutes of application, but she also slept that night a solid 10 hours without having to get up out of the bed and massage it like she usually does.  We’re going back tomorrow to purchase the full sized Charlotte’s Web lotion during their big sale. -Kristina C.

 Great service + prices for tobacco & they accept coupons, which most smoke shops don’t.  -Rebecca W.

 My go to spot when I need something; be it a skirt, a snack, cigarettes, or ETC.  They don’t mess around with made in china glass.  You might run into the person who hand blew the glass piece you buy at the counter.  You might see them actually blowing glass in the store on special days.  As I live nearby, everyone who works there knows my regular orders such as brand of cigarettes. They pay attention, they don’t tolerate thieves, they have an amazing variety of stuff! -Tara B.

 The manager of this shop is wonderful and helpful.  He patiently explained to me how to use my vaping equipment purchased from another shop, and explained what I needed to get to make it work.  Time and attention like that is rare. Thank you!! -Leah S.

 Very knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive staff.  Excellent products, selection, and prices.  I wish I had found this store earlier.  I was amazed at the variety of products offered and that most or all of them were made locally.  I went in with an amount I planned on spending for the two items I needed.  I purchased 6 items and managed to stay below my limit.  I had a LOT of questions which were answered thoroughly with a positive attitude.  This place is great and it is so close to my house. -Amy P.