Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes and e-hookahs have become very popular in the last few years: Smokey Shay’s has stayed on top of FDA regulations to only provide you with the best brands of liquid and delivery devices. We proudly carry Mt. Baker premium e-liquids in an ever expanding choice of flavors! We carry name brand starter kits and sub-ohm kits from: Kanger Tech, Vision, Buck Naked, and Eleaf.

Please understand that via FDA regulations and laws, Smokey Shay’s employees are unable to trouble shoot any electronic item after it has left the shop. Smokey Shay’s policy is to test all items to working order before they leave. We have a strict NO RETURN/REFUND/EXCHANGE policy. Once an item leaves in working condition, any troubles after the fact must go through the manufacture warranty system.

Dry Tobacco Vaporizers

Dry tobacco vaporizers have long been a popular option for people who dislike the action of burning or combusting tobacco. We carry many options for dry vaporization; home models that plug in, forced air style that fill bags, and many handheld rechargeable options for on-the-go. We carry a vaporizer for every price range roughly $50-$500. Some of our favorite dry tobacco vaporizers are: Volcano, PAX, NO2, Wulf, Atmos, APX, and Pular. Vaporization is different from burning tobacco, as it heats it to the essential temperature without combusting. Therefore, you are getting the beneficial properties of your tobacco without the harsh smoke. Come in and talk with an employee about what style of dry vaporizer is right for you!