Magnum detox shampoo is a single use shampoo regimen to remove all unwanted buildup and toxins from the hair and scalp.  Leaves behind fresh and pleasant scent!



Detoxifying your hair with our deep root cleansing shampoo is simple. The process is the same as cleaning with your regular shampoo and all you have to do is wet your hair and apply it in the shower as you normally would. You should leave the product on for a while to soak in and it is recommended that you comb it through if you have curly or long hair so that the detoxifying shampoo gets into every part of the hair resulting in an effective detox. You can even place a shower cap or plastic bag over your hair to let the product work for a while, and maybe even enjoy a hot bath while you wait. Once you have done this, you rinse the excess hair follicle detox shampoo out and condition as normal. If you want to reduce the chemical build up on your newly detoxed hair, apply a conditioning product that is organic and non-protein based. If you have an elaborate hair care process consisting of a lot of styling products then you should detox your hair at least once a month.