• Authorized Dealer – We buy direct from Puffco
  • Variable Temperature
  • USB C Charging
  • Bluetooth App Compatibility
  • Charging Dock Compatibility
  • New Carb Cap Design
  • Warranty Included

If the Puffco Peak level’d up, it would look like the Peak Pro. The team over at Puffco upgraded every single thing about the Puffco Peak in the Peak Pro. Firstly you get variable temperature that can be adjusted through a Bluetooth app on your phone, this gives you a huge range of different temperatures to experiment with. You can also set a specific color for every temperature, truly customizing your dabbing experience. The atomizer was also redesigned from the ground up with an added 20% bowl capacity; further, the contacts are also different now which makes changing and cleaning easier. The boost mode is also now adjustable through the Bluetooth app on your phone allowing you to finetune the temperature and duration. The new Oculus Carb Cap features a crystal clear window into what’s going on inside your bowl. It features a crossfit connection, making sure the cap never falls off, but giving enough freedom for a directional carbing experience. The Puffco Peak Pro is also compatible with the Pro Docking Station, which also serves as a portable powerbank. You can wirelessly charge your Puffco Peak with the Pro Docking Station, allowing for a seamless experience. The Peak Pro has tons of new features and looks to be an excellent connoisseur-grade electronic dab rig! Every Peak Pro purchased from Smokey Shay’s comes with the original manufacture warranty.

The Puffco Peak Pro Kit Includes:

  • Loading tool
  • Dual Tools (5)
  • AC Adapter
  • USB-C Cable
  • Jacket & Tether
  • Oculus Carb Cap
  • Chamber
  • Glass
  • Peak Pro Base
  • Carrying Case